Ultimate Pack and Play for Twins and Toddlers


Creating Romp & Roost Play Yards was a journey that began when my oldest child was about 5 months old. I was looking for a large playpen for her to play safely in for those “mom moments” when you just need to catch your breath and get something done – trying to work, making dinner, doing laundry, or just needing to go to the bathroom!  With flooring these days leaning more towards wood and tile instead of carpet, I was always afraid she was going to flip over backwards while sitting up if I had to look away for a minute. My mom told me they used to have playpens when I was a child, but the only item I could find was a small standard size that my daughter had already outgrown. By the time I had my second daughter just a mere two years later, I found myself carrying around two play yards when we traveled. I also saw parents traveling with twins that had the very same issue.  Surely, there had to be another solution. Thus, the Romp & Roost Play Yard was born!

There were many times along the way both during the mundane paperwork and the larger production runs when I wanted to give up. This was especially true when I had two small babies, was working full time for our family business, and my mom became very sick and later passed away. However, the belief that I could make a lot of parents lives easier kept me motivated.  That, along with my family’s encouragement, kept driving this idea of Romp & Roost towards a reality.

There are three primary functions of the Romp & Roost Play Yard.  First, with the divider out, it is a large area with comfortable flooring that creates a safe and ample space for one or two children to play independently or together. This is also beneficial when it comes to learning new skills like crawling or walking. Next, with the divider out, it is a large sleeping area for a child who is too big for a traditional travel play yard, but not quite big enough for a regular bed.  Even if the child is big enough for a regular bed, it can maximize bedroom space for sleeping while traveling.  Lastly, with the divider in, if you have two infants/toddlers close in age or twins, you have the ability to sleep both children without having to travel with two traditional travel play yards.

I didn’t set out to invent a product. I figured if I had a need, then so did a lot of other families.   I am just a regular mom that has a Business Degree from the University of North Florida and has spent the last 17 years doing construction accounting for our family business.  I decided to combine my mom skills and my business skills to fill this need for so many families like ours.

My company, CappyBug is named after our two daughters, Capra and Ivy.  Capra’s nickname is Cappy and Ivy’s nickname is Ivy Bug. I live in Florida with them and my wonderful husband Kyle. I could not have created Romp & Roost without the love and support from my family, near and far.

Romp and Roost is excited to be a supporter of Horse Play Therapy, a not for profit pediatric therapy organization that specializes in serving children with special needs by providing therapy services on horseback. 

We are excited to sponsor a child monthly for all of their therapeutic riding sessions. Our family is happy to have the opportunity of donating riding equipment as well as volunteering with them over the summer. 

Learn more about Horse Play Therapy.

“Romp & Roost is changing the play pen game” – Living out Loud, LA