One of the Best Double Baby Play Yards for Growing Families

1. With the divider out, it allows one large playpen for one or two children to play independently or together as well as learn to crawl and practice walking skills in a safe environment

2. With the divider in, it has the ability to separate this space for two children to nap or play.

3. The handy travel bag with wheels makes traveling to your next destination a breeze!

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Please note: The divider is intended for use until your little ones are able to pull up on it.  At this time, our recommendation is to remove the divider for playing and put the divider back in for sleeping.


Due to the size of the play yard, it opens and closes slightly different from a traditional play yard. The following tips will help in the assembly/disassembly instructions included in the purchase packaging.

  • The key to opening and closing your Romp & Roost LUXE Play Yard properly is the red strap in the middle of the unit. The red strap must be completely pulled up in the middle as high as it can go for hinges to open and close. It is a safety feature of the Romp & Roost LUXE Play Yard.
  • To open, hold red strap all the way up in middle. Next, pull up on the two short sides followed by the two long sides. Once all four hinges are locked, push the center down.
  • To close, pull the red strap all the way up in middle and release both long sides followed by both short sides. While still holding red strap up in the middle, go around each hinge again and make sure all four hinges are completely unlocked. Once all four hinges are completely released, the play yard will fold up into its original position.

“The Romp & Roost is absolutely perfect.” – A. Woland, US (Twin Mom)

If you have any questions, please email or call us at 904-631-4578. We are happy to help!

Instruction Manual

Romp & Roost LUXE Play Yard 2.0, Limited Quantity


  • ROMP & ROOST – LUXE Play Yard is a stylish, oversized play area, or perfect sleep space, for one or two children to play or nap.
  • NEW FEATURES – State of the art spring assisted technology for easy open and close, antibacterial fabrics, comfortable antibacterial foam mattress,
  • BPA Free Parts, and so much more!
  • DIMENSIONS – 54” x 40” x 30”, weighing 28 lbs.
  • MAXIMUM WEIGHT – Recommended for children totaling 70 lbs or less.
  • INCLUDED – A travel bag utilizing the wheels of the play yard makes traveling to the next destination a breeze!
  • ADDED ACCESSORIES – A soft, waterproof sheet with or without a removable divider to separate the space for two children, can be purchased separately.


ASTM F406-15 + 16 CFR Part 1221

16CFR 1303 lead in surface coating

16 CFR 1500.44 Flammability


CPSIA –lead in surface coating

CPSIA & CA 65-phthalates

ASTM F 963 migration of certain elements



CAN/CGSB 4.2 NO. 27.5-94 Flammability


SOR (2016-193) – Lead and Mercury in surface coating

SOR (2010-273) – Lead in substrate

SOR (2016-188) – Phthalates(6P)